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    Wellington Fringe Festival 2021

    The History Boy

    Tuesday 16 - Saturday 20 March
    7:30pm at Te Auaha
    65 Dixon St, Te Aro
    Tix $14-20 from www.fringe.co.nz

    All of history is just stories we tell each other to understand the world, and every story is at least in part about the person doing the telling. Performed by the award-winning Matt Powell (Awkward Threesome, Soap Factory) and inspired by the imperfect recollections of performer and audience alike.


    Matt Powell is an improvisor, director, and writer with over 20 years’ experience creating and performing shows. He has been part of The Court Jesters Christchurch), PlayShop, WIT, and Soap Factory. He has been performing in the New Zealand Fringe Festival since 2014. The History Boy is his first full-length solo show, born from a development at Late Night Knife Fight (winner: September 2019).


    The History Boy returns after five (5) cancelled seasons in 2020. Hopefully this time, history won't get in the way.


    "A timely reminder that, just like traffic, [history] isn’t around us – it is us."
    — Theatreview, March 2020


    "Powell brings forth intricate details and quick-witted responses that reward an intelligent audience’s attention."
    — The Plus Ones, April 2018

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