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    New Zealand Fringe Festival

    Just Duet

    9:30pm, 6 - 10 March

    The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, 100 Courtenay Place

    Tix: $12-18 from www.fringe.co.nz

    A tasty selection of Wellington's finest improvisors are paired in mouth-watering combinations to present new improvised morsels for the discerning palate. With a different three-course menu each night, you'll never go hungry. Bon appétit!


    Featuring the talents of Gabby Anderson, Christine Brooks, Greg Ellis, George Fenn, Janaye Henry, Lyndon Hood, Jennifer O'Sullivan, Matt Powell, Dianne Pulham, Aaron Pyke… and more!

    Part of New Zealand Fringe Festival 2018

  • Awkward Threesome

    8pm, 13 - 16 March

    The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, 100 Courtenay Place

    Tix: $12-18 from www.fringe.co.nz

    What do two seasoned improvisors do to spice up their stage life? Bring in a third player! Each night, a new guest joins Jennifer O'Sullivan and Matt Powell on stage for an hour of fresh theatrical magic. The catch? Nobody, except our specially-selected improv couples therapist, knows who the guests are until they walk out on stage.


    "The bar is set high. Will the chemistry be just as good with the next mystery guests? Take the risk – it's bound to pay off."
    — Theatreview


    Winner, "Tastiest Show", 2016 New Zealand Fringe

    Part of New Zealand Fringe Festival 2018

  • Mirror Miramar: An Improvised Soapathon

    12pm - 10pm Saturday 17 March

    The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, 100 Courtenay Place

    Tix: $10 per episode from www.fringe.co.nz

    Come three times and the rest are on us!

    Once upon a time, on a peninsula not so far away, lived a town of strangely familiar characters living strangely normal lives… Folklore and fairytales are transported to modern-day Miramar in this ten hour improvathon.


    You followed them into the stars in Deep Space Naenae, across the waves in Lyall Baywatch, and back to school in 13: The Soap; now Soap Factory wants to take you on a fantastical journey into the everyday. Starting at 12pm, with new episodes hourly and a cast of hilarious and talented improvisors powering through till 10pm, this is improv at its most intense - a single unfolding story over 10 hours. Come for just one episode, or stay and find out who will get their happy ending!


    Starring: Christine Brooks, Clare Kerrison, Dianne Pulham, Jennifer O'Sullivan, Kate Wilson, Matt Powell, Sam Irwin, Steven Youngblood, and Wiremu Tuhiwai, as well as special guests.


    “You won't regret it. This is impressively epic improv.”
    “The audience is happily won over – and stays that way.”
    Theatreview, Deep Space Naenae, Fringe 2017


    “By the cliffhanger ending of episode two, I'm hooked. The plot is too thick to describe; metaphors are now as deep as the ocean they are protecting. The 4 episodes I see each increase in depth and tension, and having to go to the foyer in between episodes feels like the buffering symbol on a Breaking Bad binge... Can't wait to sink my teeth into next season, buoy, it's going to be good!”
    Theatreview, Lyall Baywatch, Fringe 2016


    “These guys are getting better and better, so if you see them advertised, go”
    Theatreview, 13: The Soap, Fringe 2015

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