• Past Productions

    Bay's Anatomy

    Saturday 14 March
    Episodes every hour 1pm - 11pm
    Fringe at the Gryphon
    22 Ghuznee St, Te Aro
    Tix: $10 GA / $7 Fringe Addict
    Come for three episodes and the rest are on us!

    There's a lot on the line when every patient's the goodest girl, boy, or lizard. Enter NZ's leading animal hospital (owned and operated by Drs. Evans and Shelly Bay) for an all-day residency of the heart, where medical professionals save lives every hour... but can they save their own?

    A new improvised soap opera from the creators of Deep Space Naenae, Lyall Baywatch, and Mirror Miramar. Come for one episode, stay all of them, or dip in and out - see three episodes and the rest are on us!

    “Countless moments of improvisational gold” - Theatreview
    “Impressively epic improv” - Theatreview

    Nominated: Outstanding Ensemble, Best Improv Fringe 2015

  • The History Boy

    Tuesday 17 - Saturday 21 March
    6:30pm at Te Auaha
    65 Dixon St, Te Aro
    Tix $14-20 from www.fringe.co.nz

    All of history is just stories we tell each other to understand the world, and every story is at least in part about the person doing the telling.

    THE HISTORY BOY is a new improvised work, performed by the award-winning Matt Powell (Awkward Threesome, Soap Factory) and inspired by the imperfect recollections of performer and audience alike.

    Matt Powell is an improvisor, director, and writer with over 20 years’ experience creating and performing shows. He has been part of The Court Jesters Christchurch), PlayShop, WIT, and Soap Factory. He has been performing in the New Zealand Fringe Festival since 2014. THE HISTORY BOY is his first full-length solo show.

    Directed by Jennifer O'Sullivan, and developed at Late Night Knife Fight (winner: September 2019). Part of NZ Fringe Festival 2020.

    "Powell brings forth intricate details and quick-witted responses that reward an intelligent audience’s attention."
    — The Plus Ones, April 2018

  • Happy-Go-Wrong

    12-14 March
    8:00pm at Te Auaha
    65 Dixon St, Te Aro
    Tix $13-20 from fringe.co.nz

    Award-winning performer Andi Snelling is in the fight of her life.
    Little does she know, she is about to be rescued in the most profound way...

    Happy-Go-Wrong is an award-winning solo odyssey about fate, mortality and resilience, created and performed by Melbourne-based physical powerhouse Andi Snelling. Blending clowning, storytelling and physical theatre with a twist, Happy-Go-Wrong celebrates our extraordinary capacity to survive, and even thrive, in the face of major adversity.

    Based on Snelling’s own real-life ‘wrong turn’ after a fateful tick bite on a New Zealand holiday changed her life forever, this rollercoaster show aligns the personal with the universal and makes visible the invisible, with unflinching honesty, life-saving comedy and roller skates.

    Following sold-out premiere and encore seasons at Melbourne Fringe 2019 (where it won the SA Tour Ready Award), this marks a poignant New Zealand debut for Snelling, the country where her sickness saga began.

    Praise for Happy-Go-Wrong:
    “Captivating, provocative, heart-wrenching” ★★★★★ – Theatrepeople
    “The audience is putty in her hands” ★★★★ – Beat
    “A sublimely talented performer dealt a serious blow by fate. If it doesn't take a larger stage at some point it's our lack of support for the arts that's sick” – The Age
    “A love of life might not have been better depicted on stage. [It] deserves to be seen by a wider audience and on the main stages” – Witness Performance
    “A powerfully personal story. Snelling was born to be on the stage” – My Melbourne Arts
    “Astounding... It almost feels like it shouldn't be possible” - WeekendNotes
    “One, big theatrical hit... Raw, brave and confronting" - The Plus Ones

    created & performed by Andi Snelling
    produced by Jennifer O'Sullivan (Kickin' Rad Productions)

  • So You Think You Khandallah

    6:30pm, 21-25 May 2019
    Random Stage at BATS Theatre

    You’ve got talent. Now let's see what we can do with it."

    It's 1982 and we're gonna live forever, but first we have to go through the blood, sweat and tears of Khandallah Academy of Performing Arts. A totally improvised soap opera about fitting in, standing out, finding ourselves and following our dreams. From the creators of Deep Space Naenae, Lyall Baywatch, and Mirror Miramar comes a brand new serial - follow the ongoing story nightly or dip your toes in for just one episode!

    Warning: May contain leg warmers and sudden dance breaks.

    “Countless moments of improvisational gold” - Theatreview
    “Impressively epic improv” - Theatreview


    Part of the NZ International Comedy Festival


    Check out our online programme and summary of the story here!

  • Manless: Toxic Masculity & Tequlia

    10:15pm, 14-16 March 2019, 25 minutes

    Fringe at the Gryphon, 22 Ghuznee Street

    Manless is a feminist, female two-hander comedy; a boisterous romp simultaneously pushing the boundaries of female aggression and putting the toxicity of masculinity under a drunkenly held microscope. Manless gender-bends catcalling and focuses on the hyper-masculinity and toxicity of this language. Plus, there’s a lot more tequila.

    Post show, those invested in the themes explored are invited to share their impressions with the performers in the FatG bar. A content note: This show contains explicit language and references to sexual violence.

    “It's only words... unless they're true.” David Mamet

    Starring Lydia Raynes and Courtney Eggleton
    Directed by Kacie Stetson

    Part of New Zealand Fringe Festival 2019

  • Awkward Threesome

    5:30pm, Tuesday 3 - Friday 13 March (No shows Sat - Mon)

    Loop Project Space & Bar - Melbourne

    "This is a style of improvisation that is beautiful to watch unfold, relying completely on the connection between the players onstage, and un-thwarted by any handle set to restrict such a free style of creation."

    The Plus Ones


    "Always nice to see performers who impress a crowd doing exactly what they love doing: extraordinary ad libs, flying high by the seats of their pants..." ★★★★

    The Funny Tonne

    Part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018

  • Awkward Threesome

    8pm, 13 - 16 March

    The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, 100 Courtenay Place

    "It’s so enjoyable to watch talented improvisors play on stage… Maybe don't be late to this one eh?"

    The Wellingtonista


    Nominated, "Oustanding Ensemble" 2018 New Zealand Fringe
    Part of New Zealand Fringe Festival 2018

  • Mirror Miramar: An Improvised Soapathon

    12pm - 10pm Saturday 17 March

    The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, 100 Courtenay Place

    Once upon a time, on a peninsula not so far away, lived a town of strangely familiar characters living strangely normal lives… Folklore and fairytales are transported to modern-day Miramar in this ten hour improvathon.


    You followed them into the stars in Deep Space Naenae, across the waves in Lyall Baywatch, and back to school in 13: The Soap; now Soap Factory wants to take you on a fantastical journey into the everyday. Starting at 12pm, with new episodes hourly and a cast of hilarious and talented improvisors powering through till 10pm, this is improv at its most intense - a single unfolding story over 10 hours. Come for just one episode, or stay and find out who will get their happy ending!


    Starring: Christine Brooks, Clare Kerrison, Dianne Pulham, Jennifer O'Sullivan, Jonny Paul, Kate Wilson, Matt Powell, Sam Irwin, Steven Youngblood, and Wiremu Tuhiwai.

  • Just Duet

    9:30pm, 6 - 10 March

    The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, 100 Courtenay Place

    A tasty selection of Wellington's finest improvisors are paired in mouth-watering combinations to present new improvised morsels for the discerning palate. With a different three-course menu each night, you'll never go hungry. Bon appétit!


    Featuring the talents of:
    Cordelia Ann Black • Ben Ashby • Christine Brooks • Jed Davies • Greg Ellis • George Fenn • Will Harrison • Lyndon Hood • Anna MacLean • Lesa MacLeod-Whiting • Bethany Miller • Jennifer O'Sullivan • Matt Powell • Dianne Pulham • Lena Sammüller • Campbell Wright

    Part of New Zealand Fringe Festival 2018

  • Deep Space Naenae

    Soap Factory

    NZ Fringe Festival 2017

    BATS Theatre, Wellington


    "You won't regret it. This is impressively epic improv."



    "The sense of watching a well-established troupe at work enhances the pleasure this performance gives. The audience is happily won over – and stays that way. "


  • Taking Off The Bird Suit (2016 Edition)

    NZ International Comedy Festival 2016

    BATS Theatre, Wellington

    Original concept by Christine Brooks


    "All in all, there's a lot to love about Taking Off the Birdsuit. I love its mission. I love the structures that allow Birdsuit to free up new players; it's generous and I love seeing the way the different players are still figuring each other out in a way you don't always see with more established troupes.


    I love how this show is encouraging me to think about the theatre ecosystem in which I swim. It is fun and funny. And I want this work to go so much further."



  • Awkward Threesome

    NZ Fringe Festival 2016

    BATS Theatre, Wellington


    Fringe Award Winner: Tastiest Show


    "It's remarkable how intuitively this threesome picks up on who is leading into the next part of which scenario. Each one balances assertive claiming of space and character with an admirable capacity to accept each other's offers and build on them."


    “The bar is set high. Will the chemistry be just as good with the next mystery guests? Take the risk – it's bound to pay off.” — Theatreview


    “Can’t-look-away hilarity that surprises and delights”
    — Nelson Mail


  • Lyall Baywatch

    Soap Factory

    NZ Fringe Festival 2016

    Fringe at the Gryphon, Wellington


    "10 hours. 14 players. Countless moments of improvisational gold...


    By the cliffhanger ending of episode two, I'm hooked. The plot is too thick to describe; metaphors are now as deep as the ocean they are protecting. The 4 episodes I see each increase in depth and tension, and having to go to the foyer in between episodes feels like the buffering symbol on a Breaking Bad binge."
    —  Theatreview


  • Death Never Blinks

    NZ Fringe Festival 2016

    BATS Theatre, Wellington


    "A delightful, silly, and funny delve into a radio drama... Each performer fully invests in the melodramatic fun of this parody of classic film noir style detective stories."
    — Art Murmurs

  • Sam Smith in Laughing Gas

    NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

    Cavern Club, Wellington

    Q Theatre, Auckland


    "It's simply impossible not to like Smith. His cheeriness radiates across the cosy confines of the cellar at Q and although the show does seem a trifle haphazard at times, his unquenchable joie de vivre carries it on a high."



  • Definitely Not The Babysitters Club

    BATS Theatre, Wellington

    NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

    Executive Produced by Kickin' Rad


    "The BSC was popular, and so is this show, so book in if you want to see it. And if you have only the most tenuous connection to the BSC, you really should go see it. It's wonderful.

    ...When there is the least suggestion of non-canon, the place feels like it is going to erupt. It is such a sensational tease, and maybe the most amazing feeling I've had in a theatre in a long, long time."






  • Definitely Not Witches

    BATS Theatre, Wellington

    NZ Fringe Festival 2015

    Executive Produced by Kickin' Rad


    "Definitely Not Witches is a show right in my wheelhouse... this group will be playing together again at the Comedy Festival in Definitely Not the Babysitters Club, and I'm pretty excited for that one. I'm keen to see them play together again. "



    "When one performer greeted another: “Hello Mr Policeman, actually no, Ms Policewoman, there’s no reason for you to be a man just because you’re a police officer,” we laughed. But I thought that this, and many of their other asides, revealed a nuanced feminism, one that pokes sly fun at the patriarchy while poking holes in it.

    But gender politics played a very secondary role to the purpose of the evening – to make the audience laugh."






  • 13: The Soap

    Fringe at the Gryphon, NZ Fringe 2015


    "The cast uniformly present well rounded characters and are great at keeping the narrative balls in the air... if you see them advertised, go, grab a beer and sit back for a wonderfully bumpy evening"









  • Suddenly Shakespeare

    Fringe at the Gryphon

    New Zealand Fringe Festival 2014, 2015

    Directed by Lyndon Hood




    "...there are some moments that really work. Like when Falstaff is searching for a cushion to use as a crown and finds a platypus cushion that squeaks. It is comic genius. Well chosen, props team and Falstaff... It's fun to take part and just geek out with other Shakespeare fans."



  • Here's A Thing: Late Night Improv

    NZ Fringe Festival 2014

    Produced by Kickin' Rad

    Reprised at New Zealand Improv Festival 2014


    "In these scenes I see performers at the height of their powers – doing difficult things with grace and humour."


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