• There's a lot on the line when every patient's the goodest girl, boy, or lizard. Enter NZ's leading animal hospital (owned and operated by Drs. Evans and Shelly Bay) for an all-day residency of the heart, where medical professionals save lives every hour... but can they save their own?


    An improvised soap opera, with all ten episodes in ONE DAY

    Saturday 14 March 2020 at Fringe at the Gryphon

    All of history is just stories we tell each other to understand the world, and every story is at least in part about the person doing the telling.



    A new improvised work, performed by the award-winning Matt Powell (Awkward Threesome, Soap Factory) and inspired by the imperfect recollections of performer and audience alike.


    17-21 March at Te Auaha

    Award-winning performer Andi Snelling is in the fight of her life.
    Little does she know, she is about to be rescued in the most profound way...


    12-14 March at Te Auaha

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    May 1, 2019 · media release,nzi comedy festival
    It's 1982 and we're gonna live forever, but first we have to go through the blood, sweat and...
    Manless: Toxic Masculinity & Tequila is a boisterous romp simultaneously pushing the boundaries...
    If you know theatre, you know David Mamet. But do you really know Mamet? Or do you just think you...
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